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From Data to Action

The 2022 CHNA identified six priority areas for Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties: Healthcare access, mental health, substance use, food insecurity, and overweight & obesity.

Achieve Healthy EscaRosa (AHER) has moved into the action planning phase.

As a result, Achieve Healthy EscaRosa created the Health Improvement Committee to help develop the community health improvement plan. This plan will establish goals and objectives and will lay out action steps to help us track progress on the work we will be doing together over these next three years.

Our first step was an action planning workshop on February 22, 2022. More than 85 community partners and organizations met to discuss our next steps. We gathered in the priority area groups to discuss what is already happening, what needs to happen and how can we get there. After those discussions, we asked each group to identify if AHER should be the organization leading the charge in each area.

The Health Improvement committee will be pursuing the development of a healthcare access pilot. Engaging as many healthcare systems and supporting organizations that provide services, our goal is to identify a pilot project group to work together using health information systems to improve access to healthcare in our community.

For the other five remaining categories we have identified the following lead organizations:

i. Substance Abuse

1. CDAC Behavioral Healthcare

2. Lakeview Behavioral Healthcare

ii. Mental Health

1. Mental Health Taskforce, hosted by Rep. Salzman

2. NWFL Healthcare

iii. Food Insecurity

1. Manna Food Banks

2. Feeding Gulf Coast

iv. Overweight/Obesity

1. Department of Health’s chronic disease management. (Santa Rosa & Escambia)

v. Child Abuse

1. Santa Rosa Kids House

2. Gulf Coast Kid's House

The Health Improvement Committee has created a survey to begin to map out and understand community efforts and identify any known gaps in the programs or services provided by these organizations.

If you would like to join our Health Improvement Committee, please click the 'Join Us' button below and enter your contact information and note your interest in that committee.

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